When It’s Time To Buy New Flooring

No matter how much we take care of our flooring, the truth of the matter is that they take a beating. Normal wear and tear is inevitable, but then add in things like seasonal dirt, normal dirt, pets, children, spills and the unforeseen, and that underfoot item won’t look so good anymore. So what is the life span of each type of flooring, signs it is time to replace it and when is it really time to pull the trigger? Read on to learn more!


Many times a carpet can last up to ten years with proper care and maintenance, but that varies depending on how much traffic and abuse occurs. If you have had your carpet cleaned professionally and it does not look like new after, it could be time to start thinking about replacing it. Also stains and smells that just will not disappear no matter what treatment is used is a sign. If the spill/smell has penetrated down to the padding, it can be nearly impossible to get rid of it. Obviously, if there are rips, pulls, or chewed up areas, it is time for a new carpet.


Tile is a completely different story than carpeting. Ceramic tile can last a lifetime from a durability stand point, and any issues such as broken tiles, stained grout etc. can all be easily fixed. What does not stand the test of time however is the style of the tile – the size, color and pattern will eventually look “dated”. This is usually the only time tile will ever need to be replaced. If you are renovating or redecorating, that is the time to consider your tile situation and pick something new.


With wood flooring you have a few options. You can usually tell if it is time by the look of the flooring – worn, scratched, scuffed, faded. You can refinish your floors, to bring back their original beauty and remove any of the abuse they have endured over the years. This can be done for around $3 to $7 per square foot. Though at times it could be more cost effective (or if you want a change!) to put down a more durable wood floor alternative, such as laminate, wood tile, or engineered hardwood. You could choose a more modern look of wider planks as well, to update your home.


This is the easiest type of flooring to tell if it needs to be replaced. Thin laminate or vinyl tile will begin to ripple or bubble up. Sometimes in the corners or edges it will begin to peel up as well. These are all signs that the adhesive underneath it is old and no longer doing its intended job. This is your sign to replace it with something new.

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